Webbing Replacement

Custom Color Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

For the first time, you are now able to replace your seat belt webbing with any color of your choice. This means if your dog chewed your seat belt, there is no need to buy a new one! The seat belt retractor works fine, so why pay hundreds of dollars? Seat belt is fraying? We replace that too. Restoring a classic car with a seat belt type that you can't find anywhere? Well, you're in luck! We take your seat belt and make it like new again. Even if your seat belt is perfectly fine and you just want that red, yellow, blue, green, purple or pink that you've always dreamed of? This is the service for you. Our custom color seat belt webbing replacement means just that. You can either have us color-match your existing color (standard black, tan or gray) or you can go with an entirely new on!

How does it work?

All of our seat belt webbing replacement service includes the fabric material, stop buttons and sewing that is stitched by an automated machine. You must have all of the existing hardware for the belt such as the latch. We do not offer replacements. You will have to remove this seat belt out of your vehicle and mail it in to us for webbing replacement. We are located at:

40 MAIN ST. 

Within 24 hours of receiving your package, the job will be complete and your seat belts will be on their way back to you.

Which seat belt types are compatible?

We like to say that all seat belt types are compatible! In all the years, the only seat belts that were not able to be worked on are the types damaged beyond repair. Not their type. This means all new seat belt types, lap belts, classic car seat belts & more. If you're ever not sure and want to double check, feel free to contact us!