Airbag Module Reset

Clear Crash Data Hard Codes After Accident

We offer an SRS airbag module reset service after accident, clearing all crash data and hard codes in your computer. This programming service requires you to remove your SRS unit out of the vehicle and mail it in to us. With a fast 24 hour turnaround, you are saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars and getting it faster and cheaper than buying a new one from the dealer. Not to mention, new SRS airbag computers must be programmed to your vehicle's VIN that takes time and of course costs extra. Our reset service is a dream come true to many guys out there in the salvage car business and shops that are already getting choked up by laws that make it hard to run a business. We pride ourselves with having experienced programmers that were one of the very first in the industry and constantly evolve, learning new techniques thanks to our friends that constantly work on cars. While the airbag system is all connected with SRS module being the brain or the controller, crash sensors the small pulses, seat belts the secondary restraints and airbags the main protection - we come in and help you save time and money by offering great services. So what do we do exactly?

Clear Crash Data After Airbag Deployment

Once the airbags deploy, troubles start. Expensive airbag replacements, a ton of unexplained codes, confusing wiring harness and a million surprises. Whether you're trying to rebuild a car and get it inspected for resale or your son or daughter just hit a deer and you're doing everything yourself, we got you covered. Once airbags deploy, your SRS airbag computer stores crash data that is referred to as hard codes. These codes cannot be erased by any OBD scanner and a dealer will only sell you a replacement. Reason being, the data is hard-written unto a chip that is either eeprom, MCU or SPA. These chips communicate differently than normal storage drives and require a whole lot more of hardware, skill, knowledge and experience to access and decode. We use custom programmers and factory programs to read these chips and clear all codes, making the SRS airbag module like new. 

Reset Airbag Light

With this service, you'll reinstall the airbag module back in to your car and learn that your airbag light has been reset. If there airbag light does stay on after our crash data reset, it usually means that there are still soft codes or something that needs your attention. The replacement of those parts or a soft reset with an OBD airbag scanner will do the trick and reset the airbag light.