Speedometer Rebuild

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Speedometer Rebuild

A speedometer is the part of your vehicle's dashboard that tells you how fast your vehicle is traveling at any given moment. Without this very important tool, you would find yourself either driving too fast or too slow and possibly getting pulled over far too often. It is your responsibility to make sure your speedometer is giving out the correct readings.

The speedometer is a part of your gauge cluster that is located right in front of the driver's seat. This makes it easier for the driver to quickly glance at the speedometer while driving to gauge how fast he/she is traveling and adjust accordingly. The cluster also has another job and that is to keep track of the distance being traveled. This part of the cluster is called the odometer and it can keep track of the distance you travel in miles or kilometers using data from your car such as the tire dimensions.

Just like any tool that is used on a daily basis, you may notice that one day you might need a speedometer rebuild. Some clues that you may need a speedometer rebuild is your speedometer no longer performs like it used to.

There are a few more obvious things to look for to make sure your speedometer needs repair, these things are sticking, fluttering, intermittently working gauges, incorrectly reading gauge, or broken gauges. If any of these problems occur on a daily basis and have had enough it might be time to bite the bullet and get it repaired. The good thing is, you don't have to go to the dealership to repair your gauge cluster. Safety Restore repairs speedometers for a fraction of the price that the dealerships charge for a new one. This is good for you because you save a bunch of money and everyone loves saving money. Safety Restore offers a lifetime warranty on all their work and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company employs only skilled engineers and all repairs are completed using 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools. Safety Restore is also BBB accredited and always meets FMVSS standards.