How to Reset the Airbag Light

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How to Reset the Airbag Light

To reset the airbag light, you may need to take a few different routes until you're done. When your airbag light is on in the vehicle, certainly it indicates a fault that needs to be addressed. At times this could be nothing but a warning that could be reset using an OBD Airbag scanner such as a Snap-on, Autel or FOXWELL and other times it's more serious. The more serious occurrence is the one we'll be addressing. When your airbag light is on due to an accident, that's when there will be crash data known as hard codes stored on your computer. These codes are hard-written and cannot be reset using any OBD tool. To spare you the boring details involving the hardware, memory chip and programming, we'll just let you know that we are able to reset this for you! Our airbag light reset will work by clearing all these codes. 

What are crash data & hard codes? 

Crash data is information written unto the computer of your car during a collision, crash or accident. Think of it as the black box of cars. Depending on the model, anything from the brake, speed & engine data to the airbags deployed, crash sensors & seat belts is digitally logged. Unlike soft codes that can be erased using simple OBD readers & computers, hard codes cannot. Even the dealer can't erase or clear crash data & hard codes. With the salvage car industry evolving, more and more safe operations are introduced to restore cars back to safety and this is one of them. 

How does the service work?

Our airbag module reset service is very easy to use! All you have to do is remove the SRS module out of your vehicle and mail it in to us. Within 24 hours of receiving, we'll reset the module and mail it right back to you. Upon receiving, the module is ready to be installed in a Plug-N-Play fashion with no additional programming needed. Yes, that's right! No need for any dealer to program anything to your VIN and car trim.

My airbag light is on for other reasons.

As stated above, the airbag light may be on for various reasons. One of them needing you to replace certain parts. This could be the airbags, crash sensors, seat belts and/or clock spring. Such light indicates an actual fault, but will go away once replaced. Luckily we also offer seat belt repair after accident!

Seat belt repair after accident.

Everybody knows what seat belts are! But not everyone is aware that apart from the basic locking mechanism, seat belts have a pyrotechnic explosive devices known as the gas charge inflator, that goes off during a collision. This is in place to tighten up the belt and hold the occupant in place. Also helps keep away from the airbag. We offer seat belt repair services, unlocking locked seat belts, rebuilding the mechanism and replacing the gas charge inflator and sensor.