Speedometer Calibration -

A Faulty Speedometer Gauge

If your speedometer gauge is inaccurate, not working or needs repairs, then you need speedometer calibration service. There are many common causes for speedometer malfunction; a broken gear, a faulty engine control unit, even damaged wiring.

A speedometer starts to work when you start the engine, the driveshaft and speedometer cable turns, making the wheels spin. A magnet is spun by the cable at the same speed in the speedometer cup (this cup surrounds the magnet and is attached to the speedometer wheel). The magnet continuously rotates counter-clockwise and the pointer is dialed up which indicates the car’s speed. The speedometer’s accuracy should generally be within a few percentage points of the actual speed of the vehicle.

The speedometer calibration measures the accuracy of a vehicle’s speedometer, which can mean the difference between getting a ticket for speeding or being within the speed limit. You need a speedometer calibration tool, but you need to know that many of them are vehicle model specific. Knowing which will work for the make and model of your vehicle can be a difficult task.

With a mechanical speedometer calibration, the gauge operates on a flexible cable running from the transmission, its output shaft drives the cable through a pair of nylon gears. This drive gear is a “worm” gear and located in the transmission and runs off the output shaft, turning the pinion gear that’s connected to the end of the speedometer cable. Speed accuracy is paramount in knowing how fast you’re going and is certainly worth the effort of research to find what is being offered. Googling “speedometer calibration near me” could be one of the best decisions you could make when it comes to choosing services for your calibration needs. SafetyRestore.com offers mail-in service where you can ship your speedometer to them, they recalibrate it and then ships it back to you within 24 hours. Providing speedometer calibration saves you hundreds of dollars as compared to buying a refurbished or even a new speedometer which can run you anywhere up to $400 and up to $900, respectively. Learn more by clicking here.